Whereas the Bangladesh Medical Association drafted and adopted a new Constitution of its own in the General Meeting of the Association held on the January 14, 1973.

Whereas the “Bangladesh Medical Association “ at its Annual General Meeting held on 9 th January. 1977 deemed it necessary to further amend the Constitution, and a Sub-Committee was accordingly formed by the General Assembly of the Association for the purpose. And whereas the Sub-Committee after due deliberations have drafted this revised constitution with the following amendments.

Now, therefore, the “Bangladesh Medical Association” at this Extra-ordinary General Meeting held on the 31 st March. 1997 at Dacca approved, enacts and gives to ourselves this Constitution to come into effect from this day of the 31 st March, 1979.

Welfare Trust

“Together we serve” -with this dialogue BMA doctors welfare trust has been organized. It is registered under the societies registration act. XXI of 1960. Making of memorandum, articles, clearance of stock exchange & along with all other activities regarding to law & justice is going on.

In January, 2004 in the 4 th BMA doctors welfare scheme meeting, this trust started its journey. In this meeting BMA turned the doctors welfare scheme to a trust to make it more helpful for the doctors of the country. With this concept the trust was approved in February, 2004 by BMA executive committee.

BMA Activities

Written by Administrator Wednesday, 13 August 2014

Circulate such information as may be thought desirable by means of a periodical Journal or News paper, which shall be the Journal or News paper of the Association and by any other occasional publications.

Arrange from time to time lectures discussions and demonstrations on any subject of medical and allied sciences.

(c) Hold meetings, conferences, particularly of the Member of the Association and ‚ of the medical profession in general.

(d) Encourage research in medical and allied science through grants by establishing scholarships, prizes, donations or rewards in such manner as may from time to time be determined by the Association.

(e) Maintain and manage Association office, reading room, library and club for the Members of the Association.

(f)Conduct an educational campaign among the masses of Bangladesh in the matter of public health and sanitation in co-operation in the matter of public bodies working with the same objects, or by publication of periodicals or magazines or booklets for this purpose.

(g)Organize volunteer corps of the Members of the Association for medical relief during epidemics and in time of emergency in Bangladesh or anywhere outside Bangladesh.

(h)Consider and express its views on all the laws promulgated in Bangladesh in connection with medical profession, medical practice or medical education, and to keep a keen eye over legislation in Bangladesh which concerns public health, medical profession or medical education and take such steps and adopt such measures from time to time as may be deemed expedient.

(i)The Association may from time to time determine Grant sums of money out of the funds of the Association for the promotion of the medical, health and other matters in such manner as.

(j) Purchase, take on lease or hire, or otherwise acquire, hold, manage or late, sell, exchange, mortgage or otherwise dispose off movable or immovable properties of every description and all rights or privileges necessary or convenient, for the purpose of the Association.

(k)Erect, maintain, improve or alter and keep in repair any building or buildings for the purposes for the Association.

(l) Borrow or raise money in such manner as the Association may think fit and collect subscriptions for the purposes of the association.

(m) Invest any amount of the Association, not immediately required for any of its objects, in which manner as may form time to time be determined by the Association.

(n)Assist, subscribe, co-operate, affiliate, or be affiliated to or amalgamate with any other public body whether incorporated, registered or unregistered having altogether or in part object similar to those of the Association.

(o)Organize Branches of the Association for any of the purpose aforementioned.